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                 Originated by Johnny Andrews 

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         Checkout the bigband sounds of Jazz Featuring the Fascinating Rhythm Orchestra  Live at the Comedy Club on Beach BLVD.         



Click on the TJW logos for the best in Jazz TJW2014 Produced by Buddy Andrews

             AMP Productions 


     Buddy Downtown-4 Ray Martin Downtown-5

Coming Soon our new CD/DVD release:  CONVOCATION MGE             

The Modern Groove Experience has a new CD Release coming soon: Buddy Andrews, Ray Martin  and Brizzo have done it again!

Convocation              Moderngroovex                        Coming soon Fall 2014  Check us out at

Buddy Andrews c2014 We are the Modern Groove Experience:

Checkout the title tune Convocation!

     Astronaut artwork by Scott Whatley                         

Buddy Andrews Contemporary Original Music and Arrangements
  Also preview select tunes from In the End of Days here: 






 Deep Time  Buddy Andrews        c 2012 

Fractal Groove Buddy Andrews (TMGE)

Contemporary Music Re-release c2012

andrews multimedia programmatic productions         amp productions 2013               


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